How I Learned to Put the "Fun" Back in "Funds"


Like so many people before me, I started out working a 9-5 job that left me little time to enjoy my life. I worked in accounting for a number of years before I became an assistant controller for a large electronics company for 12 years. I had no time to spend with my daughter or husband, and all my work went to fulfill someone else's dream. My eyes weren't open to new possibilities because I wasn't aware what else was out there.

It wasn't until I was refinancing my home that I was introduced to the entrepreneurial mindset. My mortgage broker was constantly trying to get me to join him, and it was tempting. Set my own hours? Make the money I needed to spend quality time with my family and friends without stress? 

It seemed too good to be true.

But after some time and thinking more on the opportunity, I went for it and got a taste of what else this world had to offer. I loved being able to help my clients get the right loan to help them reach their goals.

A number of years after this huge transition, I went through another: the market crash in 2008. I was left stranded with no assurance of where my next check would come, how we were going to afford the lifestyle we had become accustomed to, and so much more. That's when a good friend of mine introduced me to relationship marketing and residual income. Three direct sales companies later, and I knew that I wasn't fulfilled. It got me out of a tough situation, but my passion remained in the financial industry. 

I wanted to help others learn how to take control of their finances, to make sure that what happened to me never happens to them. Now, I want to share with everyone the importance of changing mindsets about money, setting goals, creating a fun, stress-free life, and so much more. And I've finally figured out how to share my knowledge and pair it up with a program that is not only successful, but constantly teaches me new things every time I hold a course.