Money and Gratitude (Part 1 of 2)


I practice gratitude every day, and start each morning thinking about the things I'm grateful for.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, as it is the only holiday that represents gratitude and love. I have found that it’s important to strive to have an attitude of gratitude rather than just having short moments of thanks.

So many people are focused on what they are lacking: money to pay bills, not enough money saved, and adverse conditions in their life. Then the problem of comparison shows up, and they focus on what they don’t have or haven’t accomplished with others. This comparison phase is actually magnified in social media scenarios, as most people tend to share the most positive things in their lives. Therefore, it’s easy for people to become caught up in focusing only on what they are lacking.

It’s difficult for people to see the connection between the lack of gratitude, by focusing on unpaid bills, the lack of money, and what they don’t have rather than changing their thought process and thinking and showing gratitude for the wonderful things they do have. Focusing on what we don’t have shows up in negative behavior that can be damaging to our financial well being. This negative behavior can include buying things we really don’t need or can’t afford, wishing things were different, and comparing ourselves to others. It can also block the abundance that the universe has been sending your way the whole time.

However, if we can shift our thoughts and fight giving attention to thoughts of lack and negative things in our lives, and instead focus our attention to what we are grateful for, we can alter our lives!

In part 2, I will share how to implement and use gratitude to attract money.