Is Financial Stress Affecting Your Relationship?


Monetary stress is more prevalent than ever and can take a huge toll on your relationship. It's important to understand it so you can recognize and manage it. You don't want to be continually arguing with your partner over every nickel and dime, so it's necessary to find a way where you can have an open conversation to find the best solution.

It'll help keep arguments to a minimum and will also help make your relationship stronger.

Many people don't want to burden their partner with every little thing that bothers them, and when it comes to financial stress, it's even less talked about. It's important to put it out there and really delve into both your unique perspective and attitudes toward money.

Try to agree ahead of time that this will be judgement-free, as revealing your money history and habits can be very difficult and makes you feel vulnerable. Maintaining intimacy is an important part of any successful relationship. This is done by keeping the lines of communication open, and revealing your thoughts and feelings. By being open and honest you will develop a deeper emotional intimacy.

As always, respect each other’s values and find ways to work together on the challenges.  

Have you already been communicating about your financial strains? Determine your goals as a couple. Set up a budget that you can both live with, and when you analyze where and what you have spending your money on, you can work together to find what can be cut out. This can help you set up a savings plan and an emergency fund. Set aside a particular time each week to pay your bills together and discuss any new financial issues. This will build confidence and trust in your relationship. 

Now that you have a plan, you will need to help one another stick to it!