Yes, Budgeting Can Be Fun! Really!!

Many people think living on a budget means drudgery and deprivation. A budget doesn’t have to be restrictive or complicated. The goal of a budget is to help you find the means to pay for what you love to indulge in without putting you in debt, and is the first step to financial independence. Here are some ways to make budgeting fun!


Without motivation, sticking to your budget will be virtually impossible. If you have out of control spending and debt, then the reason is obvious. A budget will help you break free of the financial and emotion burden, and stop the debt spiral you are trapped in. Imagine how you will feel when your credit cards and/or loans are paid in full and you are debt-free.

Your "Why"

Your "why" may be the things you dream of having: a new car, a vacation, a new home, or savings for retirement. It could be your family that is relying on you for support. It could be to save money for your child's college tuition. Whatever your "why" is, you must have clear goals and you must visualize them.  

Vision Board

Put pictures of the things you dream about having on your board – car, vacation, home, etc.  Anticipating and knowing that you are working towards your dreams will help keep you motivated.

The Buddy System

Set goals together with family or friends. It’s much more fun when you add a little competition. Make it a game. Who saved the most money this week? You can also challenge one another to find the hidden money in your home or homes, and I don’t mean change in the sofa cushions. Do you have things in your closet that you are no longer using – clothes, sports equipment, toys? See who can make the most money by getting rid of some clutter every week or every month. You can have a garage sale or list items on eBay or CraigsList. Have a small prize for the winner.

Reward Yourself

Tiny rewards keep the fun in budgeting and keep you from feeling deprived. You can also learn new things to help you save or make more money. Instead of eating out, you can take a cooking class or start a garden to save money. You may also want to find a way to make residual income. There are so many fun opportunities to make more money on the side. Do you love candles, skin care products, essential oils, nutritional products, clothing, or something similar? There are many side businesses you can start with a minimal investment and have fun sharing them with friends and family.

The key to financial happiness is to put the fun back in your funds. Budgeting helps you get past the things you need and start getting yourself the things you really want.