Reasons NOT to Take a Financial Course


Lots of people tell me that they hope to retire “someday.” They say they’ll write their book, start their business, learn a language, visit Paris, spend more time with their kids, or make more money. 


I speak, I write, I network. I talk with hundreds of people who say they’d love to take my Financial Stress Reduction® tele-class... ”someday."

(Usually the someday they have in mind is when they have more money or don’t have so many things on their plate.)

It's like waiting to get well before you go to the doctor or cleaning your house before the housekeeper comes, isn’t it? I bet you hear the same thing from your clients.

So, to help you clarify whether or not the Financial Stress Reduction® tele-class might be just the thing you need TODAY to help you change the money and your life, see if any of these reasons ring true to you.

The Top 10 Reasons Not to Take a Financial Class:

  1. I’m one of the 1% and buy all the toys I want at Neiman Marcus.
  2. I’m already retired and love watching TV 49 hours a week.
  3. I have no debt, a fabulous credit score, and all the shoes I need.
  4. My phone is ringing off the hook with people calling to give me money.
  5. The Bag Lady/Homeless Guy I Might Become never keeps me awake at night.
  6. My children are successful, rich, happy, and are moving out soon.
  7.  I am content with my staycations in the backyard and don’t want to see Rome.
  8. I’m not jealous of my neighbor’s pied-à-terre in Paris.
  9. My significant other and I never argue about my spending money on clothes, makeup, hair, baseball, football, skiing, fast cars, or the dog.
  10. I love my budget, which stands for Baby-U-Deserve-Getting-Every-Thing!

If you resonated with all the above, congratulations! 

But if you’d like to improve your results in any of these areas, I can help you do it.

This month, the new sessions of the Financial Stress Reduction® tele-class begin. I will give you all the secrets, shortcuts, systems and tools you need so you know exactly how to make money, maximize profits, and give yourself a raise. And have a rich and wonderful life while you’re doing it, too! 

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